Launch X431 GDS FAQ

X431 GDS is a hi-tech product. With the development of modern automotive industry, more and more new technologies will be adopted and there may be questions during operation, including the software, hardware, operation and something related to the vehicles. Read the user"s manual to get the answer whenever you have any question, or contact our Customer Service Center for help. Here, we list some frequently asked questions and answers relating to the using of X431 GDS.

Launch X431 GDS FAQ

About Hardware
Why does the LCD touch screen respond so slowly in cold whether?
A: It is because the ambient temperature is close to the lower limit of operating temperature range (-10-55℃). Under this situation, it is necessary to warm up the machine for 30 minutes before test.

Q: There is only backlight and no character on the screen. What should I do?
A: Check if the power is well connected. Turn off the machine, unplug the power connector and re-plug it. Turn on the machine after it has been connected to the power for 1 second.

Q: Why there is no response or response incorrectly while clicking the screen with touch pen?
A: Please calibrate the screen again. Refer to “2.3.3 7. Screen Calibration for details.

About Operations
System halts while reading data stream.
A: Connector is loosen, shutdown the device and connect well to test again.

Q: E-mail sending failed.
A: Check network configuration.
Q: Fail in Mail operation while feedback problems.
A: Product is not registered, please register and operate again.

Q: Software download failed.
A: Check network configuration.

Q: Blank screen after operating for a period.
A: When there is no external power supply connected, power of battery exhausts, Please connect external power supply.

About Vehicles
Main screen blinks at the moment when engine ignition.
A: It results from electromagnetic interference and this is normal phenomena.

Q: Detecting interrupted while testing.
A: It results from electromagnetic interference or loose connection.

Q: No response while communicating with vehicle ECU.
A: Make sure that the voltage of vehicle battery is in specified range, the throttle is in the closed position, and all electrical consumers are turned off, and water temperature is in specified range.

Q: Some systems can not be diagnosed
A: The diagnostic socket for the system on some early vehicle may be separated. Refer to the vehicle instruction manual.

Q: No corresponding trouble codes description.
A: It is generally normal circuit "sequel", search the most approaching trouble code and analyze