V4.88 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer Entire Kit (pas d'écran bleu)

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Description du produit

La plus nouvelle version v4.88 Digiprog3 nouvellement presse, cette nouvelle version apporte plus de modèles de voitures sur la base de V4.82. Digiprog3 est un outil de correction de kilométrage rentable, il supporte plusieurs langues et une gamme complète ou vehicle.And maintenant il n'a pas de problème d'écran bleu.
Langue française disponible.
V4.88 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer Entire Kit

DigiProg is the worldwide leader in the production and marketing of digital speedo programming and correction software. Our state of the art techniques are continuously kept up to date and our quality standards are second to none, experts in vehicle techniques, EDP machine control as well as our measurement technology has years of experience in the field of digital vehicle engineering and constantly strive to stay ahead of the competition in there field of expertise.

Supported Languages: Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Portuguese, Italiano, Turkey, Nederlands.

Newest version: V4.88

V4.88 digiprog3 Newly added vehicles:

Citroen: C3/DS3 new versions 
Dodge: Charger 24C16 
VW: Diag new version 
Fiorino 95080/ECU95320 
Ducato/Punto 95160 
Evoque 93C76 
3 C66 
Crafter/Sprinter EZS new versions 
Lancer new version 
Qashqai 2011 HCS12 
370Z C86 
Scenic 24c16+ABS 

Digiprog 3 Menu:

1. EEPROM menu

The first option on the main menu is the Eeprom menu. Reading, writing and saving Eeprom information is all done using this menu. A more detailed guide to using this menu follows later on in the introduction.

2. CAR/TRUCK menu

This is the menu you will use for correcting and reprogramming vehicles. Manufacturers are set out in alphabetical order and models of vehicles are set out in a simple sub-menu format.

3. Motorcycle Menu

This menu is the same as the CAR/TRUCK menu but is used for reprogramming motorcycles.

4. Special Functions Menu

The special functions menu is for use only by official DigiProg dealers.

5. Setup Menu

This menu is where settings on your DigiProg can be changed. Language, password, brightness, volume, and the time/date can all be set and changed in this menu. You can also change whether your machine is working in kilometres or miles.

Digiprog 3 Other Features: 
Service interval adjustments and settings
Assyst processing
Fault memory read-erase
EEPROM programmer
Integrated PC communication

Using the EEPROM menu

On some of the vehicles you will come across, an eight pin Eeprom chip will be used to store the vehicle data. These chips hold vital information from the vehicle such as ignition and immobiliser codes. Loss of this information could result in anything from minor faults, to major faults involving the vehicle not starting and having to be taken to the main dealer. This is why it is very important to read and save the original information from the Eeprom before programming, this way if any errors do occur you can always return to the point you started.

The process of reading and saving this information is very simple. The Eeprom chip itself will have a mask number printed across the top of it, for example a widely used chip is a 93C46. You can connect the chip to your DigiProg by using adaptor ST01 or ST04. Most chips are surface mount eeproms which will use ST01, but the larger DIL chips will use ST04.

 Important tips for using Digiprog 3:

Always connect the Eeprom to the ST01 or ST04 before you connect to the DigiProg this will avoid Electro static feedback (ESD).
Never solder the connections whilst the lead is connected to the programmer, this will damage the DigiProg.
Always keep your DigiProg in its case when not in Use & keep it in a dry environment at night (don’t leave it in the trunk of your car) If you are using solvents to remove lacquers’ from Eeprom’s ensure that they are cleaned completely as the solvent can damage the clips.

Other features of Digiprog 3: 

Service interval adjustments and settings
Assyst processing
Fault memory read-erase
EEPROM programmer
Integrated PC communication

Kindly note:

The power-on password is "1".

DIGIPROG 3 Screen Picture Display:
V4.85 digiprog 3
DIGIPROG 3 Screen Picture

Digiprog3 V4.88 Package including:

1pc x Digiprog3 Main Unit
1pc x OBD2 Cable
1set x Cables and Adapters 

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Tech Service

V4.85 Digiprog 3 Digiprog III Odometer Programmer Car List and Adapter List Free download,Please check attachment.
Digiprog 3 Cable List: 

NO. Type Sticker
1 01-2 01-2
2 06-2 06-2
3 07-2 07-2
4 8-9-15-18 8-9-15-18
5 9-2 09-2
6 10-2 10-2
7 11-2 11-2
8 12-2 12-2
9 14PIN color no sticker
10 20-2 20-2
11 21-2 21-2
12 22-2 22-2
13 23-2 23-2
14 25-2 25-2
15 25P-pin no sticker
16 26-2 26-2
17 27-2 27-2
18 28-2 28-2
19 29-2 29-2
20 30-2 30-2
21 31-2 31-2
22 32-2 32-2
23 33-2 33-2
24 34-2 34-2
25 35-2 35-2
26 36-2 36-2
27 37-2 37-2
28 38-2 38-2
29 39-2 39-2
30 41-2 41-2
31 42-2 42-2
32 45-2 45-2
33 46-2 46-2
34 47-2 47-2
35 48-2 48-2
36 50-2 50-2
37 51-2 51-2
38 55-2 55-2
39 60-2 60-2
40 79-2 79-2
41 AUDI2+2 no sticker
42 clip no sticker
43 No.45 cable with a word
44 Flat mouth turned square opening USB cable
45 12V power adapter
46 BV3 main unit

Digiprog 3 Adapter List:

NO. Adapter
ST01  8 Pin SOIC Clip
ST04  8 Pin Dill Chip Clip
ST06  BMW OBD Diagnostic Plug
ST07  BMW Compact SW7
ST08  Mercedes Benz C Class VDO 1993/1995 ST08 ST09 ST15 ST18
ST09  VW Golf 3 MM Cluster Diagnostic
ST10  Mercedes Benz OBD Diagnostic Plug
ST11  Mercedes Benz S Class Cluster Diagnostic
ST12  Mercedes Sprinter Kienzle Diag nostic plug
ST13  Digiprog Power Lead
ST14  Audi A6 Diag 1994/1996 & ST17 Audi A6 Diag 1994/1996
ST15 ST18  VW Golf Mk3 VDO Cluster Diagnostic
ST16  OBD II Diagnostic
ST19  Mercedes Sprinter VDO Cluster diagnostic
ST20  BMW 5/7 Series Cluster Diagnostic
ST21  Toyota Avensis Cluster Dignostic
ST22  Peugeot 306 VDO Cluster Diagnostic
ST23  Jaguar XJ6 11DU 90/91/93/95
ST24  Data lead for ST16
ST25  Ford Scorpio Cluster Diagnostic
ST26  BMW 3 Series Compact SW9/10
ST27  Ford Focus
ST28  Peogeot 206 Jeager
ST29  Ford Feista Mk 3 & 4 up to year 2000
ST30  Smart car BSI
ST31  Peugeot 406 VDO Cluster Dianostic
ST32  Fiat Multipla
ST3 3 Alfa 156 HC11
ST34  Alfa 145/146 ST
ST35  HC11 lead this is used on sevral applications
ST36  Alfa
ST37  Jaguar XK8
ST38  Ford Couger
ST3 9 Peugeot 806 Citreon Synergy, Fiat ScudoCable Title
ST41  Audi MM Dash cluster lead
ST42  This lead has sevral applications
ST45  Chrysler Grand Cherokee 1999/2000 Cluster Dignostic
ST46  Peugeot 406 Jeager
ST47  This lead has sevral applications
ST49  Mercedes W203 Diagnostic
ST50  Mercedes A Class HC 12 & Vaneo
ST51  HC12 Micro lead
ST55  Jaguar X Type
ST60  W211 & W203 Cluster Diagnostic
  Alternate cable

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