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Accueil - Products - La vente groupée mixte - FW V5.017 SW V2.23 KESS V2 Plus FW V7.020 SW V2.23 KTAG Offre Package
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FW V5.017 SW V2.23 KESS V2 Plus FW V7.020 SW V2.23 KTAG Offre Package

FW V5.017 SW V2.23 KESS V2 Plus FW V7.020 SW V2.23 KTAG Offre Package

Numéro de l'article SE137-1
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2017 K-TAG V7.020 KTAG V2.23 Outil de programmation ECU du programmeur avec Jeton illimité
(Item No. SE135-B)
1. Le dernier logiciel V2.23 avec la dernière version matérielle V7.020
2. Protocoles disponibles pour K-TAG: BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx
3. Opération pratique, reconnaitre automatiquement le modèle ECU, une grande stabilité.    More Details »
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Dernier cours:€135.00 Achètez-le maintenant:€118.99 12% off
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2017 Nouveaux V2.23 KESS V5.017 KESS V2 Manager ECU Tuning Kit Master Version Pas de limitation de jeton pour les voitures et les camions
(Item No. SE137)
Les 3 principales raisons d'obtenir KESS V2 V5.017:
1.Can support voiture / camion / tracteur / vélo! KESS V2 prend en charge le véhicule selon le moteur. Alors V5.017 peut supporter un nouveau véhicule!
2. Peut contenir plus de 140 types de types de véhicules ou de protocoles que KESS V4.036
3.Aucune limitation de tokens, ne peut l'utiliser à vie.    More Details »
Dernier cours:€195.00 Achètez-le maintenant:€169.00 13% off
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FW V5.017 SW V2.23 KESS V2 Plus FW V7.020 SW V2.23 KTAG KTM100 Offre Package
1. Dernier firmware et version du logiciel.
2. Jetons illimités.
FW V5.017 SW V2.23 KESS V2 Plus FW V7.020 SW V2.23 KTAG KTM100 Offre Package

Package offer SE137-1= SE137+SE135-B

Top 6 Reasons to Get FW V7.020 SW V2.23 KTM100 KTAG:

1. Software Version V2.23, Hardware Version V7.020, Newly Add BMW Gasoline F Chassis and Mercedes W222
2. Multi-Language Support: English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Deutsch, Spanish
3. Support BDM Function Well, Available Protocols BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx
4. Support both Car, Motorcyle and Truck ECU Programming
5. Add many encrypted new car models works: Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, Ford E83, VW 17.5.5 (1766), Mercedes-Benz 276ECU,Toyota 76F, and so on, at least 100 more ECU Types added.
7. Unlimited Tokens

Update: By CD or Download link only. (We can give you a link to download newest version of ktag software)

FW V7.020 SW V2.23 KTM100 KTAG Description:
The new KTM100 K-TAG is 100% J-Tag compatible, but in a completely different way. Usually J-Tag programmers are available only for big productions, never present in chiptuning devices. Using only the essential components, Alientech have merged J-Tag, Motorola BDM/Nexus and Bootloader Mitsubishi/Infineon Tricore/ST communication lines into a single product.
V2.13 KTM100 K-TAG works in perfect harmony. Learn how to use K-TAG takes almost no time, because all the communication protocols operate along similar principles. Once you have learned to use a protocol, you will naturally use all the others. Alientech knows what it means to work in motion. For this reason the research methods of the protocols and choice of vehicles are detailed and ordered.
Unlike many ECU programming tools, with K-TAG you have at your disposal only the applications you really need. Once you have the hardware, you can choose which group of protocols to enable and then start working. In this page you can find a complete list of the ECU currently supported by K-TAG.

Using Notice:
1. Please Only Use Our Software
2. Operating System: Better to Use Win XP
3. Please Disconnect Internet While Using KTAG, Otherwise It Will Get Damaged

The only difference between item no. SE135-B and item no. SE135 KTAG KTM100 V7.020 is the outlook. They share the same functions and workable ECU types.

Notice: If you have bought KTM100 KTAG V7.003, you want to update to KTAG V7.020, You need to send back complete whole package for KTM100 to us, the update fees is 140USD, Not including the shpping cost.

Top 10 Reasons To Get V5.017 KESS V2.23:

1. Latest Firmware Version: V5.017 ,Latest Software Version: V2.23
2. It Can support car / truck / tractor / bike! KESS V2 supports vehicle according to Motor. V5.017 can support new vehicle!
3. 100% no token limited for all vehicles! V5.017 is used for lifetime!
4. Fully open to all protocols such as EDC17 / k-line / DSG / DQ200 DQ250 DQ500 Gearbox / ST10 ...., no gray protocols anymore!
5. Software is very easy to install, just click: Next Step, then it works fine!
6. Can have more 140 types of vehicle types or protocols than KESS V4.036
7. Multi-language support: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French.
8. Works on Win XP / Win7 32bit, Win8, etc.
9. If you need KTAG Latest V7.020 ECU Programming, please choose KTAG V7.020.
10. Get ECM TITANIUM V1.61 with 18475 DRIVER for free, sent online

V2.23 KESS V2 V5.017 Feature:

1. No Token Limited!
2. Latest Firmware V5.017!
3. Software Version V2.23 with most vehicle coverage
4. Works on Win XP / Win7 32bit, Win8, etc.
V2.23 KESS V2 V5.017 Introduction:

Kess V2 V5.017 can read and write ECU via OBD2 port directly, no need to disassemble the ECU from the car, easy to use.
Covering all major brands and protocols including Line, KAN, EDC17 and MED17 and for Ford J1850.
Kess V2 is everything you work as a successful tuner at a very affordable price.

KESS V2 V5.017 Various Built-in Features and Guarantees Include:

1. Check battery power in real time
2. Full Recovery function in case of problems
3. Automatic Checksum Correction (where available)
4. Full integration with ECM Titanium, which means it can be perfect with ECM Titanium
5. Management of the programming counters
6. Remove scan tool function DTC
7. Different reading / writing speed options
8. Option to write full filection of the card
9. Bootloader mode supported

Package List:
1 x KESS V5.017 Main Unit 
1 x KTAG V7.020 Main Unit
2 x 144300T 104
2 x 144300T 103
2 x 144300T 101
2 x 144300T 106
2 x 144300T 102
2 x 144300T 105
2 x 144300T 100
6 x Chips Inside
2 x Multi-Color Cable
2 x USB Cable
2 x Power Adapter
2 x CD

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